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Erudite & Filthy...

Hi there, Internet stranger! I'm Inari Popcorn, glad you found me.


I’m a tall, zaftig, redheaded goofball with an infectious joie de vivre and the silliest laugh you ever did hear. I’m also an actual librarian with an unquenchable curiosity about people, life, ideas…you know, the small things. I’m a refined vulgarian, an erudite clown, a pragmatic contrarian, a very serious absurdist, a collection of lovable quirks swathed in soft skin.

So, who are you? I think I have an’ve got too many responsibilities, and never enough time. Perhaps you’re suffering from a touch of ennui. You crave connection, excitement, you want to be truly seen and understood. Well, you've come to the right place!

Together let’s create a space away from the banalities of the workaday world, a bubble of reciprocal generosity full of laughter and fun and ecstatic delirium that chases away the darkness. Let’s cuddle and whisper bad jokes and eat our favorite junk food and surrender ourselves completely to pleasure. Sounds nice, right?

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