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  1. Get a prepaid phone:

    • Pay in cash​.

    • Activate the phone on a public wi-fi. Do not let the store/service provider activate it, refuse any requests for personal info.

    • Recommended: AT&T prepaid is cheap with good service. You can buy a good quality off-brand Android smartphone for <$50 at Target or Walmart. You pay for service via prepaid refill cards each month, make sure to buy one when you get your phone.

  2.  Get a VPN:

  3.  Install Signal on your new phone:

  4. Get a email address​:

    • Unlike Gmail, ProtonMail ​is offshore and encrypted, and doesn't collect data from your emails

    • Download the ProtonMail app via the app store

  5. Avoid cross-contamination​:

    • Lock your phone with a unique PIN

    • Don't install Facebook on your new phone​

    • Don't install any apps that require your real-world info, such as banking apps, etc

  6. Avoid sexually explicit discussion or mention of exchange of money for services via email and text​!

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